Actually there is a big difference between the two. Most people, when they think about moving, think about apartments and houses. But commercial moving comes with a whole separate set of requirements.

When moving a business, the success of a commercial move all depends on the quality of logistics, namely your operations team. Call 845-727-1800.

REsidential moving

Residential moves are personal, because you are moving your life. Each family or individual has their own lifestyle thus each move has to be approached as a special project worthy of special attention.

This makes the success of a residential move highly dependent on customer service. Though residential moves are the most common, they tend to be the most varied because of the reasons stated above. Customer service should be highly tailored to you and your family and should be available to answer your questions.

Slattery Moving & Storage is highly engaged with this process, as we attribute this attention to detail as a major reason for our success. We have over 25 years of experience and maintain 4-5 star reviews on some of the most important internet review sites.


Commercial moves tend to be more involved because there are business sensitivities at hand. And each industry has it's own set. Typically, a business will want to stay actively open during the move or experience the least amount of "down-time". In order to to this the moving company must work with the commercial entity and/or project manager to make sure that priorities are set high on certain tasks such as:

  • Networking Systems (i.e. POS, Internet, Etc)

  • Reassembly Of Computer Equipment

  • Mechanical Systems, If Applicable

  • Coordinating Contractors 

These are just a few to start. Without high quality logistics, the business can experience costly set backs. At Slattery Moving & Storage, we have an unmatched operations team with experience moving big name brands.